RSA Certified Pro Stringer & ERSA Customisation Certified

Ball Machine Services

Using our ball machines services:
  • We offer 2 player focused services 
  • How to use Instructions below
  1. Ball machine sales
  2. Ball machine hire 

1. Ball machines sales:

  • Free player consultation
  • Advice on machine suitability
  • Access to RSLP

How to use:

  1. Call us for a free consultation.
  2. Discuss your game & requirements.
  3. We advise on machine options

2. Ball machine hire:

  • Limited to RLTC 
  • Limited to David Lloyd NW
  • Balls, hopper & cones provided
  • Optional C&D too and from club
  • Hourly pricing options available
  • Deposits may be required 

How to use:

  1. Call for a consultation