Choosing Strings


With numerous strings on the market today, getting the right strings to suit your tennis, badminton or squash game is just as important as choosing your racquet.

The restring prices published on our site include labour and your selected string-set. If you do wish to supply your own strings, we can offer a labour only service with pricing as listed.

To compliment your restring, we can also offer grips along with a variety of additional servicing and customisation options if needed.

String Product:

Racquet string products manufactured for tennis, badminton and squash come in various shapes and forms with variants to include diameters (known as gauges), materials, constructions and profiles. 

Gauges: With thinner gauges, strings will generally offer more bite, control, repulsion and power, but the trade off is durability. Thicker gauges will offer more durability but with reduced levels of the thinner offerings.

Materials: Can include polyesters, nylons, natural gut, kevlar plus others that each offer different levels of feel, playability and durability.

Constructions: Can include monofilaments, multifilaments, single wraps, hybrid technologies plus others that will each offer different levels of power and durability.

Profiles: Can include textured for more control, rough or edge for spin and bite.

Get in touch:

With so many variables and string-set choices, we offer a free telephone consultation to help understand your standard, needs, development and if you are managing any injuries.

We can then make recommendations within a few minutes and get you aligned with a suitable string to proceed with.


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