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Player FAQS

Stringing & Customisation:

What are the stringing services?

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Monofilament or Multifilament?


  • Average control
  • Good durability
  • Average power (nylon)
  • Good power (poly)
  • Good for string breakers
  • Average comfort (arm fatigue)


  • Good control
  • Average durability
  • Good power (nylon)
  • Good power (poly)
  • Average for string breakers
  • Good comfort (arm fatigue)

How to order a restring offline?

  1. Call us for a free consultation
  2. Discuss & arrange your service
  3. Pay cash on racquet hand back
  4. We string check 1/2 weeks by text

Thicker or thinner strings?

Thinner strings can help a player generate spin and power but offer less overall durability. Thinner strings will also improve spin if you were using profiled or rough/edged polyester formulated strings. Thinner strings enable the strings to embed themselves (bite) deeper into the ball and assist with control.

Thicker strings primarily offer more durability and can offer comparative/better control to thinner strings if spin and power is not required. In tennis, topspin generation is mainly dependent on the technique (brushing the ball) along with the grip style used. So strings ideal for bite and for heavy topspin are normally profiled at around 1.27m, 1.25mm and lower. 

How to order a 72hr restring online?

  1. Browse & select your restring
  2. Update restring (drop downs) below
  3. (1): Select TOPSTRING C&D
  4. (2): Select your listed area location
  5. (3): Select shipping address
  6. (4): Advise your tensions if known
  7. Add restring to cart & checkout
  8. Add customer & shipping info
  9. @shipping select Restring C&D 
  10. Next, add billing, card details & pay 
  11. We contact you & arrange collection

Do we text heck every restring?

No and we don't want to spam you. We just ensure that all new customers get an initial text string check and happy with their first restring within 2 weeks of a restring with us. Our goal is to make sure our customers who have never used strings we have put in, have the right strings for their game and the strings supplied build on your on court confidence. 

What is customisation?

In simple terms, customisation anything that is done to modify the racquet, this also includes stringing but that process is far more common that other forms of customisation.

So, customisation encapsulates stringing but commonly refers to balancing, adding weight or changing the appearance of the racquet and it's properties to include gripping as well. Our weighting customisation services can be found here. Customers are required to drop and collect racquets for customisation only work. If a restring is also required, free racquet collection and delivery across our 27 areas is included.

How often should I restring?

General feedback advises that the number of times you play per week should be the times per year you restring. What is overlooked with this approach is 1) the amount of hours you play in each session and 2) the style of play. We would recommend a minimal yearly restring frequency with the minimum times per week formulae, but also advise to consider a more regular frequency especially if you are having coaching sessions, drills or lengthy club match sessions.

Strings on all racquets loosen anyway due to ongoing impact, abrasion, stress and temperature. So, although retention and durability may be marketed well by the manufacturer, strings replaced regularly in accordance with frequency of play plus time quantity and style of play will assist with performance efficiency.

What tension for tennis?

We always advise our customers to think twice about very high tensions. High tension reduces string life and can degrade the dynamic properties of the string reducing feel, bite, spin and durability.

Depending on string-set:

  • Mono/Multi Polys: 50-57lbs
  • Mono/Multi Nylons: 50-63lbs

What tension for badminton?

The higher the tension, the more control but more swing required which may suit more experienced players. The lower the tension, the more power, repulsion and a bigger sweet spot which is good for beginners. Note that lower tensions also last longer due to reduced impact stress on the string bed. 

So, finding the right tension for your game can require a few restrings to get it right.Tension is also subject to player standard, string-set properties and the racquets min and max recommended tension.  

Depending on above:
  • Beginner: 20-23lbs
  • Intermediate: 23-26lbs
  • Adv Intermediate: 24-27lbs
  • Pro: 27-30lbs

What is repulsion (badminton)?

Repulsion is the degree in which the shuttlecock can bounce off the racket string bed.
  • High repulsion = more power into your shots. The shuttle bounces of quickly.
  • Low repulsion = less power in your shots. The shuttle stays on the string bed longer before it bounces off.

What badminton string thickness?


  • Have more repulsion (more powerful)
  • Have larger sweet spot on the racket string bed
  • Are less durable
  • Produce less accurate shots


  • Have less repulsion (less powerful)
  • Have smaller sweet spot on the racket string bed
  • Are more durable
  • Produce more accurate shots

What tension for squash?

We normally string most squash racquets at 26-27lbs. Squash racquets can normally go up to 30lbs but we try to avoid putting too much stress on the frame at tensions above 27lbs. Remember, the higher the tension, the more control and lower the more power. A majority of our customer prefer lower tensions to avoid elbow injury.

What strings for elbow problems?

Multifilament constructed strings will provide a softer feel and are easier on the arm joints. If you have the budget, natural gut is the best but there are numerous multifilament strings out there we can advise to test. Best to avoid monofilament polyester formulated strings if you are managing elbow injuries.

How can I pay for my restring?

For same day and 24 hour drop and collect we accept cash on handover. For our local collection & delivery 72 hour service, you can order online or pay cash on handover. For UK wide services, you can order online. 

How long do restrings take?

We normally restring racquets 20% off the times below but factor in this contingency for unknown issues.

  • Tennis: Up to 30 mins
  • Squash: Up to 30 mins
  • Badminton: Up to 60 mins 

Do restrings have warranties?

Unfortunately no. Once racquets are strung, strings cannot be resold. We always offer to text check all our new customers 1-2 weeks after their restring. If there are any problems, we always look to find mutually agreed solutions. Please see our repair terms and conditions for further details.

What do restring prices include?

Our restring prices include restring consultation, string-set, restring labour, free collection & delivery to our listed areas and return protective packaging. If you supply your own strings (labour only), the same applies but without the string set. Please note that we do not include the repair costs of grommets or other customisation costs in our restring prices.

Do we check racquets in advance?

Yes, we do our best to check all racquets for cracks and damage. Aligned with our repair terms and conditions, we reserve the right not to repair racquets.

Do we check badminton grommets?

Yes, for badminton racquets we undertake a grommet check when inspecting your racquet.

At the end of our initial badminton racquet inspection, we may advise you that x number of grommet(s) "need" replacement if we feel that there will be a significant impact the string life if not replaced. Please note that grommet charges apply at 50p each accordingly if you wish to proceed with the replacement(s).

At the end of our badminton racquet inspection, we may also advise customers that x number of grommet(s) "may benefit" from replacement of mildly worn grommets at some stage in the future, but are not be essential at point of the current restring in order to preserve the replacement string set. Please note that grommet charges apply at 50p each accordingly if you wish to proceed with the replacement(s).

Although grommets can wear, we are mindful of not over charging customers unnecessarily and make our recommendations based on the extent of grommet damage that will only impact the string life significantly.

Please see our badminton racquet agreement here for more information.

What machines do we use?

We use three machines:

  • 1 x electronic for tennis & squash
  • 1 x electronic for badminton
  • 1 x crank for the above if needed

What is UKRSA and ERSA?

Both are recognised associations who can train stringers to be able to work at the highest level. Instructors are Master Racquet Technicians and all have pro tournament experience and lead stringing teams.  

Who does our 48-72hr C&D?

48-72hr C&D across our 26 listed areas is undertaken by

Who does our UK wide delivery?

We use two courier delivery services if you wish to post us your racquet.

  • Parcel Force (48 hr)
  • myHermes (2-5 days)

What delivery for store items?


At checkout, simply select: 

  • For orders over £30, just select Free Store UK Delivery
  • For orders under £30, just select Store (delivery option)

Are my details safe?

Yes. All transactions processed on our website are 100% safe. All credit and debit card details are encrypted during and after the checkout process. After authorisation is successful, the encrypted data is wiped.

    Not in to receive direct delivery?

    If nobody signs for the package, a calling card will be left and the goods will be returned to your local delivery depot. You may contact the courier to arrange a suitable redelivery date or alternatively, it may be possible to collect the order from your local depot. Identification will be required upon collection.

    Please note that by leaving a signed note at the delivery address, alternative delivery instructions may be offered for the delivery driver to adhere to. Depending on your property, the delivery driver may deliver to a neighbour or leave the parcel in a safe location at your address. 

    Can orders go to another address?

    This can be done. Please ensure you provide the address your card is registered to for the Billing step upon checkout for security checks. For the Shipping step upon checkout, you are welcome to have an order shipped to a work or alternative address.

    How do I get a receipt or invoice?

    When an order leaves for delivery, the final receipt is emailed on the same day, usually between. The email subject line begins with "Receipt & Shipping Confirmation".

    How do I cancel an order?

    Orders are processed for fulfilment immediately after payment has been received and therefore it is imperative you contact us as soon as possible to cancel or adjust an order.

    If the order has already been shipped, it is advisable to reject delivery at the attempted point of delivery and ask the delivery driver to return the package back to the sender.

    What are the Store hours?

    The store operates 9am-9pm, Monday-Sunday.

    What delivery options are available?

    When ordering anything from the store under the value of £30, simply select the delivery option to suit you at checkout that has the prefix store. For store orders over the value of £30, select Store Free UK Delivery.

      How do I return a store item?

      To return an item you have 28 days to do so. We request that contact us to obtain authorisation to return a product first. Please note that In order for us to accept returns, the product must be in the same condition you received the product in upon delivery if you have changed your mind with a purchase.

      Failure to contact us, prior to returning the product(s), will result in delays in dealing with your request. Returning the product to us is the responsibility of the customer and therefore steps must be taken to ensure the product is received back in a satisfactory condition. We recommend sending a product back via an insured postage service. Always retain proof of postage in the event of a claim.

      How to return my store item?

      Customers have a legal right to return an order within seven days of receipt of the order. Topstring has extended this period to 28 days. In line with our returns policy, the product(s) must not be used and must be 'as new' when returned to us. Returns and refunds do not apply to items listed in our returns policy. For items that are applicable, please contact us within the 28 day period should you wish to return an item and we will send you a returns form. 

      Once the order is received back at our warehouse, we will issue a full refund for the order to your original payment method, minus any shipping expenses.