Racquet Weighting FAQS

Weight Customisation:

What is swing weight?

In simple terms, swing weight is a measurement of how heavy a tennis racquet feels when swinging to hit a ball. Swing weight is primarily a function of the distribution or balance of weight throughout a tennis racquet.

    What is customisation?

    In simple terms, customisation anything that is done to modify the racquet, this also includes stringing but that process is far more common than other forms of customisation.

    So, customisation encapsulates stringing but commonly refers to balancing, adding weight or changing the appearance of the racquet and properties to include gripping as well. Our weighting customisation services can be found here.

    Customers are required to drop and collect racquets for customisation only work. If a restring is also required, free racquet collection and delivery across our 27 areas is included.

    When to consider more weight?

    4 tennis racquet examples:

    Example 1: Let's assume you have two tennis racquets and both racquets are different models and have different weights. One racquet is 290g and you have also just gone out and bought a 305g racquet. You decide that you really like the new weight and want to mirror the lighter racquet to feel the same as the 305g. Customisation of weighting is a methodology of distributing weight to ensure the swing weight and balance points are matching within a marginal tolerance. This is not as simple as putting weight on the head of the racquet as the swing weight will be affected. 

    Example 2: You may want to increase power, modify the sweet spot or change the manoeuvrability of your racquet. These changes can be achieved via weight customisation but at the same trading off minor changes in swing weight where possible.

    Example 3: You might want to purchase a heavier racquet but see what the weight might feel like before you purchase it. 

    Example 4: You have discovered the same model racquets you have purchased actually have slightly different weights after you have weighed them (this can be found from time to time). You prefer one racquet over the other and want to mirror the weight distribution of the racquet you prefer.

    Is it worth adding weight?

    Yes, in many cases. For players who might need a little extra power or adjustment to the string bed, or open up the sweet spot and want to avoid the costs of buying another racquet, this can be a good test at marginal expense.

    How much does it cost?

    Our adjustment prices are £4.95 that include up to 10g of weight depending on the requirement. Weight matching is a more drawn out process and is charged at £19.95 per racquet to ensure swing weight is mirrored.

    Are there alternatives to lead?

    Yes, tungsten is becoming more popular. Lead offers a solid result but always remember to wash your hands after touching it. 

    Is weighting reversible?

    Yes, strips can be removed from the frame hoop easily. However, if silicone has been also added to the inside of the palette, this is element can more challenging to remove.

    Contact us to discuss our customisation service pricing and options.