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E-Store item overview & delivery options:
  • Midplus size racquet
  • Graphite Composite construct
  • Parallel beam & 165g frame weight
  • Wrist strap & racquet cover included
  • Free item delivery with restring to listed areas 
  • Free UK delivery for orders over £30 inc vat
  • Allow 3-5 days delivery for customisation below
Can item(s) be delivered with my restring?
  • Yes, click here to discover how


  • delivery applies to listed areas only
  • Simply, add your restring to cart
  • Add your E-Store items to cart
  • Select option 1 below at checkout
  • We collect arrange to your racquet 
  • We restring your racquet & get order ready
  • Your order is delivered with your restring

E-Store delivery options at checkout:
1. Free E-Store delivery with restring (listed areas)
2. Free E-Store Only UK Direct (orders over £30)
3. E-Store Only UK Direct (r.mail 1st class)
4. E-Store Only UK Direct (r.mail 1st class signed)
5. E-Store Only UK Direct (r.mail special delivery)
6. No delivery, arrange to collect from TS, Herts
Select as below to restring this racquet: