RSA Certified Pro Stringer & ERSA Customisation Certified

Restring Referral Program

If you are a racquet sports coach, sports health professional or work in the sports industry and are being asked for racquet stringing services or would like to recommend a service, why not earn extra money with our restring referral affiliate program.

We can either collect and deliver racquets to you personally and offer you discounted restring pricing to enable you to earn money for handing racquets back to your customers. Or, you can refer customers to us and we simply pay you for every new successful restring customer you send us. 

It's simple, profitable and enables you to offer a first class stringing service to your clients and earn extra money while you get on with your coaching or sports service. In addition, we also recommend you to area based incoming coaching enquires for tennis, badminton and squash. 

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