Restring & Store Item Delivery Service

About this service:

Like amazon, you can order our store items to be sent directly to you.

If however, you also need your racquet restrung, your ordered store items can be ordered with your restring and delivered to our listed areas. This saves you time and money by either being in a free restring listed area or by paying one delivery cost if you are in a chargeable listed area.

What are the advantages: 

  • Buy items & restrings together
  • Save money on item delivery
  • Request racquet customisation

    How it works:

    1. Add all your store item(s) to the cart
    2. Select your restring
    3. Update your restring drop downs
    4. Select restring area drop down
    5. Add restring to cart & check out 
    6. Add customer information
    7. At shipping prompt, select 8 below
    8. "restring &/no store items"
    9. Add billing & card details & pay
    10. We arrange racquet collection
    11. Racquet is restrung (48-72hours)
    12. We deliver your racquet & items
    13. We text 1-2 weeks to check all ok