Rental Partner Hirer


If you qualify as a Rental Partner Hirer, you can hire through our rental partner Fat Llama.  

This is very popular with hirers inside or outside our 27 listed Herts-Bucks & Middlx areas and are not seeking collection and delivery and seeking hire periods of 24 hours, one week or one month that are listed. 

You pay no deposit and you undertake the process and transaction through Fat Llama and comply with their terms and conditions.

You will need sign up to the partner platform, the rental partner will verify you and charge us both an extra 25% on our listing hire prices. So, listing prices will be higher to accommodate our extra charges and you will need to adhere to their terms and conditions end to end.


  • No deposit to pay


  • Customer collects & returns
  • Payment processed in advance
  • Over 18 years of age 
  • Adherence to Fat Llama T's & C's
  • Sign our hire agreement pre use

Rental Partner FAQS:

Who is the rental partner?

We work in partnership with Fat Llama here

Health & safety measures?

We ensure all hirers are provided with specific health and safety written guidelines with our documents handed over. We advise all hirers verbally what not to do with the machine and what steps to take in the event of a machine fault. 

What about Covid-19?

Please see our Covid-19 Prevention Policy here.

What do I get in my hire price?

The machine will come with a hopper to speed up pickup, documentation (health and safety and set up instructions), remote is available and smart charger if required.

Do I get balls with the machine?

To help reduce the spread of Covid-19, we don't supply balls with our machines. We can sell training balls to our customers if required. 

Is there any collection and delivery?

Unfortunately no.

Can I collect and return a machine?

Yes and this is managed through the Rental Platform Fat Llama platform.

Do need to present ID?

Not. All verification is already managed through the Fat Llama Platform.

What am I responsible for?

As the borrower and in line with our hire agreement, you are responsible to exercise a duty of care when using the machine. This encapsulates avoiding damage, no theft and you being responsible for any injury to yourself and others while the machine is in your care and in your hire period.

When/how do I pay?

Please see the Fat Llama platform here for info.

What if the machine presents a fault when using it?

Contact us immediately and no not use the machine or allow anyone to touch the machine until we have spoken to you.

Can I use the machine with other people?

You can use the machine with other people but you have to supervise them (over and under the age of 18) and take full responsibility for them.

If this takes place, you as the borrower and in line with our hire agreement are responsible for any personal injury for users, machine damage and theft and damage as a result of to use and third party property damage.

What if I fail to return a machine on time?

You will be subject to a late return penalty in line with the Fat Llama terms and conditions. Please see the Fat Llama platform for info.

Do I save money by returning it early?

Unfortunately no.

The current daily hire period allows you to use the machine as you see fit throughout the day at the club.

We supply smart chargers (where needed) if you need to use them with the machine so you can do multiple sessions in one day if you wish. If you require us to collect the machine earlier, please let us know in advance of your hire commence, or if you would like drop it back earlier. 

What age do I need to be to hire?

To use a machine you need to be over 18. If you are under 18, you will need to be supervised by an adult. The adult will be responsible and liable for the hire of the machine at all times and in line with our hire agreement. 

Can I use machines in the wet?

Unfortunately no. Wet balls can damage the machine so not to be used with wet balls or in wet conditions.

What tennis balls should be used?

Only pressureless training balls should only be used with the machines please.

Next Steps:


  1. Browse the above FAQS
  2. Contact us for a consultation.
  3. We supply our partner links.
  4. Arrange your hire via Fat Llama.
  5. Sign our hire agreement. 
  6. Machine delivered or collected.
  7. Use your machine & workout.
  8. Machine collected or returned.
  9. Machine checked.
  10. Payment processed via partner.