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Choosing Strings and Tension for your Tennis Racquet

Choosing the next set of strings for your tennis can sometimes be a challenge. Please find below some general information to help answer some key questions around this topic.   

Tension on all racquets:

Firstly, here are two basic rules to remember.

  1. The higher the tension, the more control the string bed will deliver.
  2. The lower the tension, the more power the string bed will deliver.

So what tension is right for me?

We generally recommend higher tensions to help get more control out of your strings over time simply as strings will loosen over time naturally. Frequency of play, balls used, velocity of play and weather conditions will effect string tension. 

Although high tensions are normally requested, today in the tennis world we have a new breed of co-polymers that are designed to offer durability, comfort and bite. These strings are being used commonly in the pro circuits at lower tensions so tensions are subjective to the player and their style.

Tennis String Gauges:

The thicker the gauge (lower the number), the more durable the string is and more control and feel it will offer. The thinner the gauge, the more bite string has but with less durability. They key is to find the right balance for you and your game. 

Some players seek durability, power and control, some seek control and feel and others seek less durability but power, spin and control.

Strings Families:

Synthetics and Natural Gut


Monofilaments, Multifilaments

Some customers may approach us and advise us what they want. For customers seeking guidance, we always offer our advice to help you get the right strings going in.

Tennis String Set Recommendations:

For customers seeking our advice, we suggest the following string families and configurations. Full beds refer to one bed of the same same string and hybrids combine two different strings more commonly from different families.

1. Multifilament Full Beds for players seeking comfort, feel and control. These strings suit players with elbow injuries or looking for a string with nice comfort feel and are an imitation of natural gut.  These strings generally have a good shelf life and will naturally loosen over long periods of time with regular play but are a good safe bet for the club player not seeking spin and power to support their game.  Examples include Wilson Sensation, RAB Tex Flex, Prince Comfort, Tecnifibre Bio Phase 1, 

2. Co-Polymer Full Beds suit players seeking durability, power and spin. Co-Polymers are more popular now simply as they are being marketed as softer co-polymers which appeals to the club player as well as the chronic string breaker. Co-Polymers work very well as standard and as rough or edged which you will find in the branding of some of the popular strings used by the pro's. Co-polymers suit base liners

3. Synthetic Gut and Nylon Full beds are good all round string for players seeking feel and durability and a basic all purpose entry level string to get on the court. These can be good strings for juniors to build technique with before they step into the co-polymer domain. Nylon Synthetics can be used   can be used