Supply your own strings

On occasion, our customers like to supply their own strings for stringing.

We do offer a labour only stringing service if you would like to supply your own strings. If sets are being supplied, we ask that customers ensure they supply correctly measured sets from the vendor as below especially if they are being cut from a reel for you.

Min set lengths required: 

  • Tennis:12.2 metres
  • Badminton:10 metres
  • Squash:10 metres

    Tennis Prices: 

    • Tennis £15
    • Covers all synthetics 
    • Further details here

    Badminton Prices:

    • Badminton £18
    • Covers all synthetics 
    • Further details here

    Squash Prices: 

    • Squash £15
    • Covers all synthetics 
    • Further details here

    Natural Gut Prices: 

    • All racquets £20
    • Covers full bed & hybrid
    • Further details here