Tennis Ball Machine FAQS

Ball Machine FAQS:

Can I use them in all weather?

  • Not recommended in wet conditions

Are they a good investment?

Yes, if you are prepared to commit to using your machine. Ball machines are great for physical and mental fitness, improving technique but require regular use to make them a value for money purchase. If you are looking to improve your tennis, have access to a club and want to loose weight or get fit, tennis ball machines are excellent for this purpose. Buying a machine with playing partner(s) is an alternative approach to consider if the cost is high for you.

What balls do they use?

  • Training balls are preferred balls

Can I use red junior balls?

  • Not recommended due to size
  • Orange and green balls (yes)

Do we have a demo service?

  • Yes, contact us to arrange

Can they help coaches?

Yes, they can pay an intrinsic part in helping a coach develop a clients technique while being close them while the machine delivers the balls.

Can I hire a machine?

  • Yes, contact us to discuss