Ball Machine Hire FAQS

What age do i need to be to hire?

To use a machine you need to be over 18. If you are under 18, you will need to be supervised by an adult. The adult will be responsible and liable for the hire of the machine.

What clubs are hire approved?

  • Cassiobury Tennis Club.
  • Chipperfield Tennis Club.
  • Chorleywood Lawn Tennis Club.
  • David Lloyd, Northwood.
  • Rickmansworth Lawn Tennis Club.
  • Sarratt Tennis Club
  • West Herts Lawn Tennis Club.

What is required before hiring?

To protect us from accidental damage and theft we ask for an electronic agreement to be signed and advanced deposit.

How do I pay?

Payments are taken on the day in advance and can be electronic or cash.

Do hire machines come with docs?

Yes. Machines are supplied with instructions and other listed accessories for your session. We offer a free 15 minute setup consultation for all new customers to help get your started.

Can I use them in all weather?

Wet balls can damage the machine so not to be used with wet balls or in wet conditions.

    What balls do they use?

    Training balls

      Can I use red junior balls?

      Not recommended due to size
      Orange and green balls (yes)

        Can they help coaches?

        Yes, they can pay an intrinsic part in helping a coach develop a clients technique while being close them while the machine delivers the balls.