Ball Machine Hire FAQS

Health and Safety:

Can I use machines in the wet?

No. Machines are not meant to be used with wet balls or in wet conditions.

Health & safety measures?

We ensure all hirers are provided with specific health and safety written guidelines with our documents handed over. We advise all hirers verbally what not to do with the machine and what steps to take in the event of a machine fault. 

What about Covid-19?

Please see our Covid-19 Prevention Policy here.

Are machines maintained?

Yes, machines are cleaned, service and tested.

What if the machine presents a fault when using it?

Contact us immediately and no not use the machine or allow anyone to touch the machine until we have spoken to you.


What payments are required?

We request a hire fee and may request a deposit. 

How deposits works?

If you fall into a category where a deposit is required, we will either charge the deposit or block the card for the deposit amount.

    When/how do I pay?

    To reserve a machine for your hire period you are required to submit an order in advance of your hire period with a deposit if requested. At the point of order you are also required to agree to the hire terms and conditions.

    You can pay hire and deposits by BACS or Credit/Debit Card.

    Are there any discounts?

    Yes. for regular hirers, we can offer discounted prices.

    Can I collect the machine?

    Yes. When we discuss your package, we can discuss C&D or you collecting and returning the machine.

    Are my credit card details safe?

    Yes. All transactions are processed on our secure payment provider gateway which is PCI complaint.

    When do I get my deposit back?

    Deposit funds are unblocked or refunded after the machine has been check. We aim to to this asap subject to no machine issues.

    What if I wan't to cancel my order?

    We ask for notice of cancellation not later than two hours before hire commence on the day. We can carry over orders placed to another date or refund you in alignment with your consumer rights and we always try to remain flexible with our customers. 

    For customers cancelling later than our required time, customers may be asked to pay a cancellation administration fee. 


    What tennis balls should be used?

    Only pressureless training balls should be used with the machines.

    Can I use the machine with other people?

    You can use the machine with other people but you have to supervise them (over and under the age of 18) and take full responsibility for them.

    What am I responsible for?

    In line with our hire business to customer customer agreement, you are responsible to exercise a duty of care when using the machine.

    This encapsulates avoiding damage, no theft and you being responsible for any injury to yourself and others while the machine is in your care and in your hire period.

    What age do I need to be to hire?

    To use a machine you need to be over 18. If the machine is used by anyone under the age of 18, they will need to be supervised by you. The borrower (you) will be responsible and liable injury, damage and theft of the machine during the hire period.

    What do I get in my hire price?

    Our machines come with hopper to speed up pickup, target cones, documentation (health and safety and set up instructions) and remote control where available and supplied.

    Do I get balls with the machine?

    To help reduce the spread of Covid-19, we do not supply balls with our machines. We can sell training balls to our customers if required so, just contact us for a price.

    Do we sell machines?

    Yes. We sell a range of machines through our online tennis store, so just contact us for a consultation.

    Can I have the machine delivered and collected?

    Yes, this can be arranged. 

    Do I save money finishing with it early?

    Unfortunately, no. If you do wish to return the machine earlier you can. If  require the machine to be collected, this need to be communicated and agreed at the commence of the hire period to align with our schedule. 


    Do I need to present ID?

    We may ask you to prove your identity.