Racquet Stringing Services


We currently offer two player focused stringing services below with instructions with 24-72 hour turnarounds depending on our workload.

To help you get the right strings and racquets for your game, we offer free telephone consultations.

For same day responses:

  • Call: 01923 444399
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • Txt or W/APP: 07717 162581
  • Mon-Sun: 9am-9pm
  • Bank Hols: 11am-4pm

We undertake all consultations by phone or in person. If you prefer to submit your initial enquiry by email, please ensure you disclose your contact number. We do not share your contact details with any third parties and aim to respond to emails within two working days.


To help reduce Covid-19 transmission and in line with the current social distancing guidelines, we request our customers drop off and collect their racquets to and from our safe drop and collect premises.

When racquets are strung or customised, we sanitise and undertake hand washing before all stringing and customisation work, and supply racquets back in protective bagging for customer collection. 

We also ask all customers to clean their racquets once in their possession and we take no responsibility for injury as a result of this service.

By engaging with this service, you accept these terms.

        1. Safe 24/7 drop & collect:

        • Arrange to drop and collect 24/7
        • 24-72 hr restring turnarounds
        • Payment is cash on collection
        • Call first to discuss & arrange!

          How to use:

          1. Contact us for a free consultation
          2. Decide on your restring 
          3. Arrange to drop your racquet(s) in
          4. Racquets are strung
          5. Collect & pay for your racquet(s)
          6. We string check 1/2 weeks by text

               2. Safe UK return (48hr-5days):

              • Ideal if not local & need a restring
              • Choose from 4 service options
              • Arrange to send us your racquet
              • Racquet(s) strung same day
              • Racquet(s) packaged & returned 

              How to use:

              1. Decide on your UK wide service here
              2. Contact us for a consultation 
              3. Decide on your string-set
              4. Send us your racquet(s)
              5. Racquet(s) strung same day
              6. Pay for your restring online
              7. We arrange to deliver your racquet
              8. We string check 1/2 weeks by text