Covid-19 Prevention Policy


Please find below the following measures undertaken across our services to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

By engaging with our services below, you accept these terms and we take no responsibility for injury.

Racquet Stringing:

To help reduce Covid-19 transmission, we sanitise and undertake hand washing before all stringing and customisation work, and supply racquets back in protective bagging for customer collection. 

We also request all our customers to clean and wipe their racquets with once in their possession and before use. 

Demo Racquets & Hire:

To help reduce Covid-19 transmission, we sanitise and undertake hand washing before handling of all demo and hire racquets. 

Demo and hire racquets are cleaned and wiped before and after racquet handover. All racquets are supplied to customers in protective bagging. 

We also ask all customers to clean their racquets once in their possession and before any use.

Ball Machine Hire:

All ball machines are cleaned between use to include remote controls, machine surfaces and handles.

Balls are currently not supplied to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and we encourage all customers to buy their own training balls for this reason.

We wear protective gloves when handling machines and related equipment for all set up and demonstration purposes.

We also ask and encourage all customers to clean machines, related hire items once in their possession before any use.